Session expiry

When you log into Synthetix Cloud, it gives you a set amount of time to use it before it logs you out. This is for better security and to make sure it works well.

Time limits for different sections:

If you’re using the chat or communication section, you have 1 hour.

For other sections like knowledge, metrics, support, or admin, you get 6 hours.

Time limit changes when you move around:

If you switch to a different section in Synthetix Cloud, your time limit can change.

For example, if you go from the knowledge section to the chat section, your time limit changes from 6 hours to 1 hour.

Actions that extend the time limit:

In the chat section:
  • Sending messages, searching, or clicking on articles can give you more time.
In the knowledge section:
  • Searching for things or clicking on articles can also extend your time.
Heads-Up at 5 minutes:

When there’s only 5 minutes left, Synthetix Cloud will let you know with a popup message. It tells you how much time you have before you’re logged out and gives you the option to stay longer or log out. If you decide to stay, your time will reset to the limit of the section you’re in. Like, if you’re in the chat section and choose to stay, you’ll get another hour.