I am logging in for the first time. What shall I do?

When logging in for the first time please follow these steps:

1. You will receive an initial email containing a temporary password and link to log in. Please click on the link.

2. Enter the username and temporary password provided - ensure that if you are copy and pasting the password there isn't an additional 'space' at the end of the password.

3. Set up your new password.

4. Set up your preferred MFA method. Please note that if you select 'email', the email address associated with your account with be used. If you choose 'App' please ensure you have an authentication app installed on your device and scan the QR when presented.

5. Enter the MFA code provided.

6. Next, you will be taken to the initial log in screen. Enter your username, new password, MFA code and you're all set!

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