How do I set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) using an app?

Keeping your account secure is of the utmost importance to Synthetix, which is why we utilise Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

One of the most efficient ways to carry out 2FA is by using an authentication app. Once set up, you can sync across multiple devices, including desktop.

We recommend installing Authy on your device. Simply search for it using your device’s app store or alternatively, use an authentication app of your choice.

Once you’ve logged into your authentication app, follow the steps on the screen and scan the QR code or enter the secret key manually.

Important: Please note down your secret key - it’s the only time you’ll see it. If you lose your phone or access to the authenticator, you’ll need it to recover your authentication.

If your setup has been successful, it will display a six-digit code. At this point, click next on the Synthetix setup page and enter the code.

You have now linked your app to your Synthetix account. You will use the app each day to help you log in – please make sure you have access to it.