What is the Synthetix Editor?

The Synthetix Editor is a software tool designed to streamline the creation, editing, and maintenance of a Knowledge Base. Let's explore its core functionalities and understand how it contributes to knowledge management:

1. Knowledge Base Management

A Knowledge Base serves as a central repository of information, where organisations can store and organise a collection of articles. These articles are valuable resources that contain information, instructions, and solutions. The Synthetix Editor provides a comprehensive platform for managing this repository, making it accessible and organised for both internal and external users.

2. Decision-Based Journeys

One of the standout features of the Synthetix Editor is its capability to create dynamic and interactive knowledge journeys. By using Decisions, the articles within the Knowledge Base can be linked together to form a structured path for users. This functionality is particularly useful for guiding users through complex decision-making processes or workflows.

3. Document Management

In addition to articles, the Synthetix Editor enables document management. Users can upload various types of documents that are referenced within the articles. This feature ensures that all the relevant supplementary materials are readily available and accessible to the users.

4. Exporting Knowledge Base

The flexibility of the Synthetix Editor extends to knowledge distribution. Users can export the contents of the Knowledge Base in various formats, making it easy to share and distribute information with team members, clients, or the broader audience. This functionality ensures that knowledge can be disseminated through channels that suit the organization's needs.

5. Monitoring Reported Articles

The Synthetix Editor offers a streamlined approach to managing the quality and accuracy of the Knowledge Base. It provides the ability to display a list of reported articles, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any content issues or user-reported concerns. This feature contributes to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the Knowledge Base.

Whether you're creating instructional guides, customer support resources, or internal process documentation, the Synthetix Editor empowers you to optimise your knowledge management efforts effectively.