There are some FAQs showing in the search results which I cannot edit. Why?

This can occur for two main reasons. Firstly, if an FAQ displayed in the search results belongs to a different view from the one you are logged into, you will notice a grey cross symbol instead of the familiar editing pencil. Your access within one view does not permit you to edit or delete FAQs that belong to a different view. However, we do display them in search results so that you can check for duplicate entries in the knowledge base.

Secondly, you might encounter a clock symbol instead of the pencil. This typically indicates that the FAQ has been modified and is temporarily locked until the edits are finalized through publishing. If the edit was carried out by an Editor rather than a Publisher and has not yet been approved, it won't be available for further edits until a Publisher approves or rejects the pending amendment.

If the edit was executed by a Publisher, you will likely see a second blue version of the FAQ in your results list (unless the question's wording has changed). This blue version represents the edited FAQ and can be re-edited as many times as needed before publication, after which it will return to its standard appearance.