Can I cut and paste my content from somewhere else?

We recommend a cautious approach when copying and pasting text from external sources. To ensure the cleanliness of the content and avoid potential issues, consider following these suggestions:

  • Use a Text Editor or Microsoft Notepad: When copying content from various sources, it's advisable to paste it into a text editor or Microsoft Notepad first. This step helps remove any background code that may not function correctly within your Synthetix product, as it may not share the same styling as the source webpage.
  • Utilise 'Paste as Text' Option: Another option is to use the 'Paste as Text' feature available under the Edit menu in the HTML editor. This can help prevent issues related to copying from webpages, particularly when code or formatting varies from your Synthetix product's environment.
  • Avoid Viewing Source Code: We strongly discourage copying code directly from the source code of your webpage. This practice can introduce executable scripts and other code that might disrupt the publishing process.
  • Beware of Word Processor and Spreadsheet Files: While copying from word processors or spreadsheets is generally less risky, it can still introduce errors. Some characters used in these applications may lack an ASCII equivalent, making them render improperly in a browser or RSS context. Additionally, certain characters, especially in Microsoft Excel, can be entirely invisible and incompatible with RSS feeds.

To maintain data integrity and avoid potential problems, it is advisable to clean up your copied content by using a text editor or the 'Paste as Text' option as much as possible.