Can I change the category or subcategory that an article is in?

Changing the categorisation of your articles may become necessary. Here are key points to consider:

  • No Self-Editing: Most users can't directly amend an article's category. To change the category of an existing article, you'll need to delete it and re-insert it with the new category or subcategory.
  • Assistance Available: If you have many articles that need recategorisation and require assistance, contact Synthetix for help.
  • Editing Content: While altering categories may not be straightforward for most users, you can always edit the wording of the question and/or answer.
  • Admin Functionality: Admin users have access to additional functionality for changing the top-level category and subcategory for multiple questions. To enable this feature, get in touch with your account manager.
  • Using the 'Browse Categories' Section: Once granted access to this functionality, you can use the 'browse categories' section of the Editor to select one or more FAQs within a category and choose the new category or subcategory for reassignment.
  • Caution When Changing Categories: Keep in mind that altering the categories of frequently viewed FAQs, especially 'most popular' questions, may have temporary effects, such as questions appearing in multiple category feeds. Exercise caution when making category changes.
  • Logging Changes: Remember that any changes to categories are logged and will be visible in the revision history.