Why can't I find a new article I've added to the Knowledge Base?

In most cases, this issue is related to the publication status of the Knowledge Base. Follow the steps below to ensure that your newly added articles are visible in your live Knowledge Base.

1. First, it's crucial to understand that your new articles are not visible in the live Knowledge Base until the Knowledge Base as a whole has been published.

2. To make your new articles and any amendments to pre-existing articles go live, you need to publish the entire Knowledge Base. Follow these steps:

Access the Editor and click on the 'Publish LIVE' button to initiate the publication process. The button is in the bottom left-hand side of the main Editor screen.

3. Once the Knowledge Base is successfully published, revisit the live version of your Knowledge Base to confirm that your new articles are now visible. With the Knowledge Base now published, all the changes, including new articles and amendments to pre-existing articles, will be live and accessible to your users.

The key to finding your newly added articles in the live Knowledge Base is ensuring that the entire Knowledge Base is published. By following these steps and clicking the 'Publish LIVE' button, you can make your changes, additions, and amendments visible to your audience. This ensures that your knowledge base remains up-to-date and informative for your users.