I am having Azure SSO login issues, what shall I do?

To help us support you, can you please can you ensure the following are checked before raising a ticket:
  1. Is there a group in the SSO admin portal?
    • If not, please create a group. It will then be created in your Azure. (It is not immediate and can take a few minutes)
  2.  Is the group in your Azure Active Directory?
    • If no, and the group has just been created, please wait for another 10 minutes and refresh.
    • If no, and the group has not been newly created, please raise a ticket.
  3. Check if the user(s) concerned is a member of that group.
    •  If not, please add the user(s) to the group and ask them to try and log in again.
  4. Does the user appear in the user management admin area?
    •  If not, the user may have been deleted due to not signing in for an extended period.
      • Please could your Azure administrator get the user’s Azure ID from their Azure Active Directory profile and raise a ticket with that ID in the ticket details so we can investigate.
If you've followed all these steps and still facing issues, then please raise a support ticket.
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