Chat transcripts and redacting information

We provide access to chat transcripts inside our .Cloud platform, you can review and copy them after the conversation has ended. We only store a conversation for three months, and then it will be deleted. It's important to review or copy any information you need before this point.

Admins can redact elements of a chat conversation; this feature is used when a customer has shared sensitive data with the Chat Agent. Once a transcript has been edited, it can't be undone by anyone else or Synthetix. We suggest reviewing any changes before performing any destructive actions.

To do this, find the conversation inside Metrics, then click Chat History to see all the transcripts within your selected date range. Alternatively, if you know the agent who performed the chat, this action can also be done on a profile level by clicking directly on an Agent's name and reviewing their Statistics & Chat History.

Regardless of your permissions, you cannot redact any conversations you own or have participated in.