What are Canned Responses?

Canned Responses are a significant feature of our live chat. A well-crafted canned response can save considerable time when responding to a customer.

As a business, you can create up to twenty global canned responses that everyone can access and add to a conversation. Agents can create twenty personal responses, giving them more autonomy when communicating with customers.

In a recent update, we have introduced some enhanced features: options, Placeholders and variables.

What are Options?

Options allow you to input or select predefined information without typing. Click add to insert the [Option] tag into a canned response in the desired location and fill in the fields below with your preferred options. One message can only have one tag, supporting just five options.

What are Placeholders?

Placeholders allow you to quickly change information in content, for example, a customer's account number. Don't worry our chat will prevent you from sending a placeholder and remind you to amend it before sending it. Give your Placeholder a label so you can remember what information you want to edit promptly, then add tag into a canned response in the desired location.

What are Variables?

Variables are system-defined references to customer information that you can place inside a canned response to improve workflow. Click the button below to insert a variable into a canned response in the desired location.